SRA Transformer – EN

SRA Transformer

The optimal choice for smart and fast processing of your receipts and invoices

Our self-learning robot processes invoices and receipts automatically and efficiently into journal entries.

The SRA Transformer offers an optimal approach for your financial processes. We achieve this by using a new approach and by automating repetitive, manual tasks. Our robot recognizes, books receipts and invoices and automatically matches them with bank transactions, in exactly the same way as the previous year.

If errors occur due to for example, missing or illegible receipts these are first processed by our back office in India. If there are any questions left, they will be presented clearly in the client portal. Questions about errors can also be passed on to end clients. As soon as all answers have been received, our robot sends the matched transactions to the desired accounting package. The robot is complemented by our enthusiastic Dutch front office. They help out with problems or questions.

The SRA Transformer uses the benefits of automation, while the real-life communication between people is preserved.

Automated input

The robot recognizes, completes and books

Snelle throughput

Alleen vragen over uitzonderingen komen
in de klantportal

Fast throughput

Only questions regarding exceptions
arrive in the customer portal

Hoge kwaliteit output

De geboekte factuur komt als journaalpost
in het gewenste financiële pakket

High quality output

The booked invoice is sent as a journal entry
to the desired financial package


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